Today’s employers seek graduates who can pair strong academic performance with tactical, on-the-job skills. From internships and practicums to research and graduate assistantships, the options for enhanced learning are designed to offer invaluable insight and better equip students for their future success.

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Retailing & Consumer Science


ana fernanda contreras, norton school, retailing and consumer science, internship story
Ana Fernanda Contreras 

Retailing and Consumer Science

"What I liked most from the internship was getting the opportunity to experience what it is like to work for a big company and connect with small businesses to set up their payroll. My biggest takeaways from the experience are building connections, learning valuable skills, managing my time, and being persistent. I am extremely grateful for ADP’s summer sales internship!"

rachel rabin, norton school, personal and family financial planing, internship
Rachel Rabin

Personal and Family Financial Planning

"My internship consists of communicating with clients on a daily basis to reincorporate them into the financial planning pipeline, study for the Series 7, listen to advisor/client calls, and creating financial plans utilizing specialized software. What I like most about the internship is the support and encouragement from the entire team while studying for the Series 7 licensing exam.”


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How to Land an Internship

Use your resources

Connect with Cassandra Ott-Kocon, Norton School Experiential Learning Coordinator, to start talking about your interests, identifying opportunities, and preparing your resume, cover letter, and job applications to be the best they can be!

Connect with the CALES Career Center for tips on resume building, interviews, and more! 

Start searching

Great places to search for internships or full time jobs are LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, Handshake, or searching directly on a company's website.

Reach out to recruiters

Start reaching out to places you are interesting in connecting with about possible internship opportunities. (The worst they could say is no!) In the email or message, make sure to

1) Introduce Yourself! Be sure to mention that you are a University of Arizona student, your academic year, and your major.

2) Why are you interested in this position? In your message, talk about what first drew you to this job listing. Is is the company culture, the brand reputation, the job description, or something else? 

3) Why should they want to hire you? This is a standard question for introducing yourself! Why you? What can you bring to the table? Is it your experience, passion, skillset, resilience, or love for the company? How can you be an asset to the team? 

4) Schedule a follow-up! At the end up your email, make sure to thank them for their time and try to schedule a call, coffee chat, or anything in the books! Meeting for a 1:1 chat or being scheduled for an interview is the goal!


Your network is one of your biggest resources! Talk to friends, professors, and acquaintances. There are so many different ways to network:

1) Attend Events. Consider putting yourself out there and attending events specifically designed for networking on campus and in the Tucson community.

2) Join Alumni LinkedIn Groups. Join our alumni groups on LinkedIn to connect with people in the industry and find job listings in your field!

FITS Alumni          RCSC Alumni          HDFS Alumni          PFFP Alumni

3) Connect with Alumni. Consider talking to alumni through the Bear Down Network. Gain professional tips, advice, and insights from Arizona alumni, faculty, and advisers - no matter your professional focus or career level. 

You never know which connection can lead to your next job!