Community Research, Evaluation & Development (CRED)

Applying Knowledge, Changing Lives

The Community Research, Evaluation & Development (CRED) team conducts high-quality, culturally responsive, community-based research and evaluation that promotes the health and well-being of families and individuals throughout the Southwest.

Who is CRED?

CRED brings together faculty, staff, and students with expertise in evaluation, research design, data analysis and visualization, and community engagement. The team is multidisciplinary, with professionals coming together from a wide array of backgrounds — psychology, education, public health, sociology, geography — to align innovative evaluation and research with the work of community partners. 

What does CRED do?

The CRED team carries out quantitative and qualitative research and evaluation, drawing on expertise in survey, interview and focus-group methodology as well as sophisticated quantitative and geospatial analysis techniques. The primary focus is to generate accessible, actionable information that CRED’s community partners can use to support their program and policy decision-making. 

Who are CRED’s partners?

The CRED team partners with the University of Arizona’s Cooperative Extension as well as organizations and communities throughout the Southwest.

One example of a CRED/Cooperative Extension project, UArizona SNAP-Ed Interactive Maps aggregates data related to community demographics, economic need, food systems and health resources on interactive web maps to help Extension staff plan initiatives to support healthy eating and active living across Arizona. 

Other recent CRED partner projects include:

  • First Things First: Creation of early childhood needs and asset reports for tribal and rural communities 
  • Women’s Foundation of Southern Arizona: Evaluation of an innovative two-generation program for single mothers pursuing technical education to access living-wage jobs 
  • Pima County Attorney’s Office: Evaluation of their Drug Treatment Alternative to Prison Program and Consolidated Misdemeanor Problem Solving Court

What is CRED’s goal?

The goal is to be a resource and partner to the diverse communities and organizations of Arizona and beyond. For years, CRED has been committed to working on the ground with partners across the state, including tribes, state and local governments, justice systems, schools and non-profit agencies.

Interested in working with CRED?

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