Fashion Industry’s Science & Technology

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Fashion Industry’s Science & Technology

Fashion can be many things — art, math, science, technology — and it’s something that touches everybody across the world. This program blends all aspects of the fashion industry into one comprehensive program of study. Graduates emerge prepared for their role as pioneering leaders in the global fashion market.

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Undergraduate Major

The Bachelor of Arts curriculum encompasses introductory courses in strategic thinking while also including coursework that underscores how to use science and technology in design and business — from art innovation and sustainability research to data analysis and economic management.

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Undergraduate Minor

The minor program of study comprises six classes in the following topics: fashion retailing, fashion promotion, fashion forecasting, textiles, cultural perspectives of fashion and consumer behavior.

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Study Abroad

Push beyond the boundaries of your comfort zone and immerse yourself in the cultures of new places with UA Study Abroad. Fashion Industry’s Science & Technology students can travel to London, Bath and Paris for a program that examines the impact of British style and the haute couture of France on the fashion world at large.

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Career Planning

A future in fashion looks bright. The U.S. employs more than 1.8 million people in careers as fashion designers, art directors, information analysts, business operations specialists, buyers, pattern makers, designers and more. The Student Engagement and Career Development Center is your one-stop-shop for resources.

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Put Your Passion to Work

Whether you’re drawn to the science behind how things are made or you’re interested in why consumers are lured by certain trends, you’ll find a way to pursue your passion in the Fashion Industry’s Science & Technology program. Reach out to an advisor to get started.


Tiffany Ortega, Academic Advisor
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Sarah Kleinfeld, Academic Advisor
General Education Advising

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