Research Initiatives




Advancing the betterment of families, individuals and communities through scientific endeavors is a top priority at the Norton School. This advancement hinges on thoughtful research with real-world applications. Supported by the Frances McClelland Institute, faculty and graduate students in the Human Development and Family Science program conduct key research in these core areas.

Resilience and Health of Marginalized Populations

Sad marginalized family

Research with a specific focus on Latinx families, sexual and gender minority groups, and populations with socioeconomic disadvantages.

Early Childhood and Adolescent Development 

Kid playing with blocks

A specific focus on how contextual experiences – such as families, schools, peers and communities shape developmental trajectories through adulthood.

Romantic, Family and Interpersonal Relationships Across the Lifespan 

Couple kissing

Work done with a specific focus on relationship quality and processes within romantic relationships, parent-child relationships and team dynamics.

Innovative Methods and Models 


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Innovative Methods and Models for Studying Families and Development, with a focus on applied solutions to critical societal problems.

Marketing, Consumers, Overconsumption and Climate Change 

Girls shopping local to help save the planet

We live in a time and age where consumers and corporations need to take charge and cannot wait for government to change the way we live and consume. If we do not radically change our consumption patterns, life as we know it will likely cease to exist: what a drastic statement, and what a fantastic challenge for research!


Research Engages Change

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