RCSC Internship Workplan

The University of Arizona has policies regarding internships for credit, including defining what an internship is, the purpose of an internship, and College and Department internship guidelines. These policy guidelines can be found here. As you prepare to begin the process of obtaining a "for credit" internship, you will want to become familiar with these policies and guidelines, as they provide the official documentation and background for all of the components and processes that you will be following as you begin to obtain your internship.

Internship Work Plan

At the core of the process of obtaining a "for credit" internship is the Internship Work Plan.  This document can be downloaded as a fillable PDF or as a Word document.  Before being enrolled for internship units, or beginning work as an intern, this form must be completed by you, the intern, your Site Supervisor (at your internship location), and then approved by the RCSC Internship Coordinator.  In this form, please be prepared to provide the following:

  • the number of units you want to take the internship for
  • the start and end dates of the internship
  • the number of weeks and expected hours per week
  • information on the site supervisor who will be managing your internship at your location

In addition, you must also be ready to document the following:

  • Your goals for the Internship
  • A short paragraph about how an internship will assist with your career goals, and how this experience enhances your academic program.
  • Three to five learning objectives that will be completed during the internship

Important: You must also be able to provide information from the site supervisor, or an offer letter or email from your internship location. You must upload documentation from your Site Supervisor for the internship. This can be completed as part of the Internship Work Plan (PDF or as a Word see page 4) or uploaded separately as an Offer Letter or Position Description on organizational letterhead or organizational email bearing the supervisor's signature.

If you have any questions regarding completing and internship for an upcoming semester, please contact the RCSC Internship Coordinator, Liz Marsalla at eakelly2@arizona.edu.