RCSC Forms

Steps for Identifying Preceptor Opportunities

  1. Talk with the instructor that you are interested in preceptoring for. This should be a professor who teaches a course that you have taken/are currently taking and have done well in. Talk with them about your interest in being a preceptor, if they're in need of preceptors, and what the requirements/expectations are of being a preceptor for them in their class.
  2. Complete the preceptor application with your professor
  3. Turn the signed and completed form in to your academic advisor for enrollment

Steps for Identifying Research Opportunities

  1. Browse Faculty Interests & Focus Areas on the directory page of the Norton School website
  2. Once you’ve identified a faculty member who is doing work that you are interested in, send them an email! Introduce yourself, let them know who you are and why you are interested in working with them, and ask if you can set up a time to talk more about any independent study opportunities they have available. If they don’t have any  opportunities available, ask them to point you in the direction of other faculty members who might have openings instead!
  3. Complete the Independent study form with your faculty member
  4. Turn the signed and completed form in to your academic advisor for enrollment
    1. 1 unit = 45 hours of work, 2 units = 90 hours of work, 3 units = 135 hours.
    2. 499 is independent study (Pass/Fail, not included in GPA), and 492 is research (letter graded, will go toward GPA). Talk with your faculty member about what course you want to enroll in, and what works for both of you!
    3. A maximum of 9 units of experiential units (internship, preceptorship, research, and independent study) can apply to the RCSC major.