How to declare RCSC Major

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Declaring the Retailing and Consumer Science Major

If you are interested in declaring your major to RCSC, we ask that all students complete a RCSC Major Information session online. All students must have a 2.0 GPA or above in order to change their major - if you complete the session but do not have a 2.0 or above, we will not be able to process your change of major form and you will be notified via email.

Once you have completed the online session, please allow up to 5 business days for the change of major request to process. If you do not receive a confirmation email within 5 business days please email the RCSC advisor.

Please Follow the Link Below to Begin the Major Information Session:

Online RCSC Major Information Session and Change of Major Form - you will view a presentation, take a short quiz, and submit a change of major form online.

Once your change of major is processed, please schedule an appointment to meet with the RCSC advisor via the online Advising appointment scheduling system here!

If you would like to speak with the RCSC advisor to ask questions before declaring your major to RCSC, please email an advisor or schedule an appointment online.

Please feel free to explore our Catalog Checklists & Sample Graduation Plans to review RCSC Major requirements as you prepare for one of the information sessions: RCSC Catalog Checklists

Student Fee in the RCSC major

RCSC Program Fee Information

  • This fee will be charged to all RCSC students who are juniors and above (60 or more units completed). This $250 fee is charged each semester going forward once you have completed 60 units.
  • This fee covers:

                *Student services support



                *Career workshops

                *Progression into upper division courses


*Please note only RCSC academic advisors can declare the RCSC major for a student.