Nicholas Bishop, Ph.D

Associate Professor, Human Development and Family Science
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McClelland Park 235K
650 N Park Ave
Tucson, Arizona 85721-0078

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My research examines the progression of complex age-related health conditions and seeks to identify risk and protective factors contributing to health disparities in aging populations. Currently my work focuses on population trends in multimorbidity and much of my research has examined the interrelation between cognitive decline, progressive physical disablement, and multimorbidity. Previously I have sought to identify potentially modifiable points of intervention in the progression of chronic disease, specifically examining food insecurity and dietary intake. In non-academic professional roles I've led multidisciplinary teams resulting in high-impact applied research on population health and education. My primary goal is to contribute to research that will inform clinical practice and policy development through identification of emergent health trends in our expanding and increasingly diverse aging population.


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