Joel Muraco, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor of Practice, Human Development & Family Science
Affiliate Faculty, Psychology
Joel Muraco

650 N Park Ave
McClelland Park Room 315M
Tucson, Arizona 85721-0078

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I am a Tucsonan (Sunnyside High School graduate) and a first-generation college student. I benefited tremendously from the investment of faculty and staff during my time as a student, at all levels, at the University of Arizona. Now that I am in a faculty role, I seek to provide the same level of investment to the students I support. In addition to teaching at the University of Arizona, I have also taught at the Pennsylvania State University and the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay.

Beyond my discipline specific expertise, I also possess extensive knowledge concerning all things career and professional development. This expertise was honed over four years working as a Career Educator supporting thousands of diverse undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Arizona. Indeed, much of my service work focuses on enhancing the career and professional development of students.


  • PhD in Family Studies & Human Development | University of Arizona | 2014
  • MS in Family Studies & Human Development | University of Arizona | 2012
  • BS in Family Studies & Human Development | University of Arizona | 2008
  • BA in English and Creative Writing | University of Arizona | 2008
Areas of Expertise

Career and Professional Development

LGBTQ+ Experiences

Romantic Relationships

Subjects Taught

FCSC 202 – Research Methods

HDFS 101– Sexuality Across the Lifespan

HDFS 117 – Lifespan Human Development

HDFS 150B1 – Men, Fatherhood, & Families

HDFS 323 – Infancy & Child Development

HDFS 450 – Human Sexuality & Relations

HDFS 487 Advanced Family Relations