Felicia Frontain

Assistant Professor of Practice, Retailing & Consumer Science
Felicia Frontain

McClelland Park Room 425J
650 N Park Ave
Tucson, Arizona 85721-0078

Part of my responsibilities at the Norton School are as an educator. The synergy between students and the material I'm teaching in the Leadership, Ethics and Management Practices class is especially transformational and truly rewarding.

In addition to teaching, I am the coordinator for the outstanding RCSC internship program. This program allows me to maintain my interaction with retailers, keep current with retail trends and assist students with their career choices.

The third component of my position is as both an advisor and a recruiter.  These roles allow me to meet students from the entire campus in addition to students from Pima Community College.  Recruitment and advising are truly the activities that impact the major most substantially.

Working with university students on a daily basis is a great career, and being able to mentor them based on my 25 years of progressive retail management experiences is a privilege.

Areas of Expertise

Human resource management

Operations resource management

Leadership and ethical issues

Research Focus

See my regular column “Going Places” in The Retail Link, a publication of the Terry J. Lundgren Center for Retailing.

Current Projects
  • Coordinating ten recruitment events each semester both on campus and at Pima Community College
  • Coordinating a Portfolio Event for RCSC students at the conclusion of every semester
  • Serving as advisor to The Trend Group, a cross campus club that conducts multiple community-based projects throughout the school year; I assist in coordinating with local entrepreneurs on projects such as fund raisers and start up business openings involving the fashion side of retailing
Subjects Taught
  • Leadership, ethics and management practices (undergraduate)
  • Retail math (undergraduate)
  • Introduction to retailing (undergraduate)