Your Ultimate Guide to the Latest Fall Fashion Trends

Oct. 17, 2023

Get the scoop on the latest fall fashion trends from a fashion student! Explore this comprehensive guide to fall fashion and begin building your ideal capsule wardrobe.

Your Ultimate Fall 2023 Fashion Guide, Norton School of Human Ecology, Grace Millich

Just as the summer trends that took the fashion world by storm are starting to phase out, the Fall 2023 fashion trends are here to usher in a fresh start to the new season. This collection offers all the essential pieces that every wardrobe should have for the upcoming Fall. The vibe this season is set to be full of neutral, cozy pieces with a subtle pop of color, providing you with the capsule wardrobe essentials to stay fashionable and warm during the Fall season in Arizona.  

Your Ultimate Fall 2023 Fashion Guide (For Women), Norton School of Human Ecology, Grace Millich



A must-have piece for this Fall season is a few oversized chunky knit sweaters. Neutral and striped sweaters have been popular for a few seasons now, and they are set to continue dominating this Fall season. Whether you pair them with jeans, a mini-skirt, or trousers, these sweaters will effortlessly elevate your look. Not only do they exude a sense of fashion, but they are also designed to keep you warm on those chilly autumn days.  


For those who prefer a more masculine style, sweaters, hoodies, and crewnecks are all going to be incredibly popular this season. These items come in a range of weights, making them versatile for any autumn day, regardless of the temperature. We're going to see the same trend of neutral-colored tops carry over into menswear as well. Grays, navies, and blacks are expected to be very popular for men. You can easily dress up or down any of these items, making them the perfect wardrobe staples for Fall.  



Jeans have always been a closet staple for every season, and low-rise styles are set to dominate this fall season. These jeans are an essential item and can be paired with almost anything. Match them with any full-length top, and you've got a chic outfit ready to go. If low-rise jeans aren't your style, you can opt for a mid or high-rise style with a mid-length top. Jeans are one of the most versatile clothing pieces, coming in a variety of styles to cater to everyone's personal preferences.  


Pants have also been a popular item in menswear, and we're going to see even more of them this Fall, with some new styles. Lighter-hued shades of denim with a more oversized or straight leg fit will be hot throughout the season. These jeans are perfect for any occasion and can be paired well with almost any top in your wardrobe. Cargo pants and utility pants will also be huge in men's fashion this season. These styles of pants have been gaining popularity, so get ready to see a lot more of them. With such variety in menswear bottoms this season, you're guaranteed to never be bored with your closet.  

Your Ultimate Fall 2023 Fashion Guide (For Men), Norton School of Human Ecology, Grace Millich



Ultra-mini Uggs were the stars of the show in Fall 2022, and we'll continue to see more of them this Fall season. What's not to love about these adorable chestnut-hued ankle boots that also keep your feet warm? They are among the most versatile fall shoes, available in both the classic style and platform style. Whether you're dressing them up with a pair of jeans and a chunky sweater or dressing them down with sweatpants and a crewneck, these are the shoes you'll find yourself reaching for constantly.  


In contrast to what's hot in women's fashion, sneakers will be the hottest type of shoe in menswear this season. We're going to see a variety of sneakers, ranging from retro-inspired shoes to modern-day sneakers like Air Forces. Dress shoes will also be popular this season for fancier occasions but can even be incorporated into everyday outfits. Regardless of the type of shoe you choose, go for more neutral and classic colors, such as white, black, and gray. These neutral shoes will complement any outfit, whether it's fancy or casual, and will keep you looking stylish from head to toe.  



A piece you'll definitely want to invest in for this season is a leather jacket. Leather jackets have always been and will continue to be a timeless staple in everyone's wardrobe. You can find this essential piece in a variety of colors, from a simple black hue to brown, olive green, or even a dark shade of red. These jackets also come in various sizes to ensure a perfect fit for everyone. Whichever color or size you choose, it's guaranteed to be an iconic piece for layering those cozy outfits all season long.  

A common trend that has reappeared in menswear for Fall in recent years is flannels, and they're here to stay. Flannels are the perfect jackets to layer over any top of your choice. They can dress up a hoodie to elevate your outfit or dress down a sweater to create a more relaxed look. Leather jackets will be popular in menswear as well, as they are essential for colder days when you need a heavier layer. Men's jackets are ready to complement any outfit and suit any occasion this Fall season.  


Pop of Color / Accessories  

Accessories will play a significant role in menswear this season. Investing in some baseball caps and beanies for Fall is a great idea. However, in menswear, we won't see as much color; instead, neutral colors will dominate accessories. Hats are super fun to experiment with and are the perfect way to elevate your Fall outfits.  


Last but not least, you'll definitely want to incorporate a pop of color into your fall wardrobe. A burgundy shade is the perfect choice to add a pop of color to your fall outfits. We're going to see this shade of red incorporated into jackets, shoes, and accessories a lot this season, but you can incorporate it into your outfits in any way that suits your personal style.  


Now that you have the foundation of all the closet essentials you need for this Fall season, go ahead and make them your own! Fashion is subjective and personal; style these pieces to fit your unique individualized style.  



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Grace Millich, Fashion Industry's Science and Technology Student

Grace Millich is a sophomore at the University of Arizona majoring in Fashion Industry’s Science and Technology and Pre-Business. Her involvement in multiple student organizations such as Haus of Style and Norton Ambassadors have allowed her to gain a lot of first-hand insights into the fashion world. She hopes to one day use these insights and her degree to start her own fashion company.