New Partnership in PFFP Program Increases Opportunities for Students

May 23, 2022

A Financial Tech lab for students may also be on the horizon.

Financial software on a tablet device.

New partnership brings financial planning software opportunities for PFFP majors

Thanks to new partnership with RightCapital, Norton School Personal and Family Financial Planning (PFFP) will now have access to industry standard financial planning software.  Through RightCapital's University program, an instructor can be provided a complimentary account that the instructor can use with their students.  The account expires at the end of each semester and can be reactivated once the next semester starts. This account also allows instructors to set up students as “clients” so they can log in and create plans as well. 

Rick Rosen, Program Chair of the PFFP academic program, thinks of this as a great opportunity for our students,and the promise of what it will lead to in the future.  "The inclusion of all such FinTech platforms," says Rosen, "will be an excellent marketing tool for continued retention of PFFP students as well as recruitment of new students to the program."  Led by the work of Associate Professor of Practice Andrew Waldum, and Assistant Professor Thomas Korankye, the newly formed partnership with RightCapital connects students with tools and applications that are directly used in the industry. RightCapital is the integrated financial planning program used by Charles Schwab. Rosen adds "Now that our program has the opportunity for students to learn and use such platforms as eMoney, MoneyGuidePro, Morningstar Advisor Workstation and RightCapital, we will explore setting up a FinTech lab for students to fully learn the various programs as well as have some of the FinTech vendors provide software for testing purposes."

Begun in Spring 2018, the Personal & Family Financial Planning program gives students a solid foundation in financial planning and wealth management, broadens their understanding of ethical and fiduciary responsibilities and fine-tunes their interpersonal skills to ensure fulfilling, long-term relationships with future clients.