Gift ideas under $50 for last minute shoppers!

Dec. 18, 2023
holiday gift guide curated by retailing and fashion majors. last minute shopping ideas under $50

If you’re like us and like shopping at the last minute to shop for your loved ones this holiday season, Don’t worry we’re here to help! Christian is a Retailing and Consumer Science major who knows the ups and downs of retailing and what's selling. Gina is a Fashion Industry’s Science and Technology major and knows all the trendy stylish gifts to get your loved ones this semester.. Our gift guide will include gifts for anyone in your life no matter their lifestyle and hobbies. We curated this list knowing that last-minute shopping can get expensive so lets not burn a hole in your wallet! This list should help give you some ideas for gifts to give the special people in your life! 


We’ve created this holiday gift guide for most (if not every) type of person in your life. From gym enthusiasts to homebodies and people who love staying in the kitchen to your favorite co-workers, this guide will help you make those essential last minute buys just in time for your holiday get togethers. 

gift ideas for people who love to cook

For people who like to cook


Apron: An apron is a great gift to get anyone who enjoys baking or cooking. It helps keep grease from getting on your nice holiday sweater or makes a great napkin to wipe off water or food while cooking. Aprons come in so many designs! Show your friend that you listen to them by getting them a custom apron based on their interests! 


Oven mitt: A cute oven mitt to possibly match an apron you brought the chef in your life this year is a nice way to keep them looking organized and put together in the kitchen. It also is great and safe instead of using a kitchen towel to grab your food from the oven.


A cookbook: A cookbook is a fun and easy gift to get any chef in your life. It gives the person a variety of new recipes to try, and gives you a bunch of new food to try when they make the recipe. It's a win win! It also challenges them to make new foods they’ve never had and experiment in the kitchen which is always fun.


A cutting board: Everyone has an old cutting board in their kitchen that gets scratched after years of wear and tear. Grab them a brand new cutting board to set on the counter and make the kitchen brand new. A unique cutting board can also be a cute new canvas for a charcuterie board or appetizer.


All-in-one vegetable chopper: This gift saves time for anyone in the kitchen. It makes chopping vegetables and fruit 10 times easier and ensures that produce is cut perfectly every time.

gift ideas for workout and gym enthusiasts

For gym enthusiasts


Ab Roller: Everyone has that one person in their life obsessed with the gym and fitness. Fitness lovers probably already have a gym membership of some kind but can't always make it to the gym. An ab roller is a cheap and great gift for people who want to keep that six pack for the holiday season and work off those holiday cookies! 


Water bottle: A quality insulated water bottle is an awesome gift to keep them hydrated. Whether they're on the go, at the gym, or just need to drink more water, this gift is a great addition to any person's wishlist.


Lifting belt: Thinking of the bodybuilder in your life, grab them a lifting belt this holiday season they will thank you and their back. Lifting belts are awesome for people who love to do weight training and helps support your back during heavy lifts!


Lifting straps: Lifting straps are another awesome gift for the gym lover in your life. It makes lifting heavy weights easier and lets them know you're thinking of them and hoping they hit that next PR at the gym.


Textured Roller: A textured roller is an easy and cheap gift to get any gym lover to help massage sore muscles from the gym or get any knots in muscles from stress they weren’t able to work off at the gym.

gift ideas for cowokers

For co-workers 


Lunchbox: Does your coworker bring their lunch to school in a grocery bag? Introduce them to a lunchbox! Things will be kept more organized and keep their perishables from, you know, perishing. 


Plants: It can be tough to nail down your ideal office decor but you can never go wrong with a plant! Plants can be a fun and lively addition to any office. Whether your coworkers office has a window or not, snake, zz, pothos, and spider plants are all easy to maintain and add warmth to any office.


Coffee/Tea Kit: Your coworker likely identifies as a coffee or tea drinker and this is part of their daily routine. Show them that you notice their morning habits by getting them a care package of favorite tea or coffee drinks/accessories. The care package could include a mug, coffee grounds or tea bags, and even a gift card to their favorite coffee/tea shop. 


Mouse/Keyboard Pad: Desk accessories are often items that can be easily overlooked but can often be the best gift you never knew you wanted. You can find keyboard pads at most online and in-person retailers. Your coworkers will love this gift!


Gift card and note: Really in a rush? A gift card may just be your solution! Get them a gift card to their favorite food chain or restaurant! This gift is sure to be used and gets you out of a bind in time! Add a special touch by  including a handwritten note mentioning what you appreciate about them and why!


gift ideas for homebodies, for people who like to relax, comfy

For homebodies


Sweatpants: Sweatpants may seem like a boring gift but everyone needs a pair of grey sweats! They are essential for a comfortable or lazy day. Sweatpants often range in price depending on the brand but they can be relatively inexpensive. Your loved one is sure to use these every week if not everyday. 


Reading light: A reading light is a cheap and easy gift to get for any homebody who loves getting home and cuddling up with a good book! Get this for any homebody bookworm in your life to make reading in bed 10 times easier.


Slippers: Every homebody needs a good pair of slippers for walking around the house and keeping them comfy and cozy. Slippers are a fun gift to get anyone who enjoys staying inside during the winter so make sure to get an extra fuzzy pair!


Heated blanket: A heated blanket is a purchase everyone should make. It's a great way to stay cozy on the couch or in bed and is an awesome gift for anyone who is always cold.It also is something anyone would be excited to get home and cuddle up in and turn anyone you know into a homebody.


Couch Arm Tray: Whether they’re a snacker or love to enjoy their coffee/tea from the comfort of their couch, this gift is sure to be a fan favorite gift item. Arm trays and similar couch accessories are the perfect gift because of their utility and style. They hold beverages, snacks, devices, and you’ll never have to ask the age old question “Where’s the remote?” again!

gift ideas for those who like to dress to impress, for stylish people, for people who like to dress up

For those who like to dress to impress


Classic gold hoop earrings: These earrings are a staple piece in every accessory box, and they’ll never go out of style. Your loved one may already have gold hoop earrings but even they’ll never be disappointed in having a backup set for every occasion. Give her the gift of the classic look with these hoop earrings.

Scarf: Scarf season is back! (Yes, even in Tucson) Give your loved one a fun scarf that will go with all of their winter outfits!  They can wear it all the time and will remember you for it. Neutral, and light colors are really in style right now.

Sunglasses: Glasses are a universal must-have for every one. There are various types and styles for everyone, and they don’t have to be a luxury buy. Find the style that is trending the most and your loved one is sure to not only appreciate the gift, but wear them everyday.  

Ring: Do you have a friend or loved one that loves to accessorize or needs to start? Help push them into their ring phase. We all know that women tend to love jewelry but jewelry among men is increasing in style more and more everyday! Don’t be afraid to get them a nice ring. You can find rings at most online and in-person retail stores. 

Perfume: You can never go wrong with buying someone perfume or cologne. It’s a classic gift! An iconic scent is the best way to fully bring an outfit together. Get a loved one in your life a unique scent that can be their scent of the season. 




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Gina D'Onofrio, Fashion Industry's Science and Technology, Norton School of Human Ecology

Gina D'Onofio

Gina is a Junior at University of Arizona studying Fashion Industry's Science and Technology. Gina is a creative and crafty person and is currently minoring in Studio art at U of A as well. Gina likes being involved in clubs on campus and is involved in the Cutting Edge Sewing Club and Norton Ambassadors. She also works as the campus's sewing lab monitor. Gina is still exploring what she wants to do in the future but her experiences at University of Arizona are helping her find her path.