Ashley Kuelz

Ashley Kuelz

Graduate Student, Human Development and Family Science
Ashley Kuelz
she, her, hers
Statistics (Minor Advisor - Kobus Barnard)
Research Focus
  • When/how/why temporal emotion (i.e., subjective experience, expression, physiology) dynamics impact socioemotional processes and relational wellbeing, as well as the potential bidirectional nature 
  • Utilizing advanced quantitative methods from both a Frequentist and Bayesian perspective
  • Modeling nonstationarity and nonlinearity in within-person emotion response system coherence/concordance and between-person linkage/coordination across time
  • Contributing to open science and replicability 
Current Projects

Response system coherence in emotion: Its nature and implications for wellbeing. Funded by the National Science Foundation.

Targeting interpersonal emotion dynamics as a mechanism for increasing wellbeing in romantic couples. Funded by the Israel-US Binational Science Foundation.

Subjects Taught


FSHD 537L: Statistical Inference for Social Science

FSHD 537B: Moderation/Mediation


FSHD 257: Dynamics of Family Relationships 

FCSC 201: Introduction to Statistics 

FSHD 237: Love, Intimacy, and Relationships 

Select Publications

Kuelz, A., Boyd, S., & Butler, E. (2022). Close TIES in Relationships: A Dynamic Systems Approach for Modeling Physiological Linkage. Journal of Social and Personal Relationships.

Boyd, S., Kuelz, A., Page-Gould, E., Butler, E., & Danyluck C. (2022). An exploratory study of physiological linkage among strangers. Frontiers in Neuroergonomics.

Li, X., Kuelz, A., Boyd, S., August, K., Markey, C., & Butler, E. (2021). Exploring Physiological Linkage in Same-Sex Male Couples. Frontiers in Psychology, 11, 1-15.